【S-TRIBE】White karaoke on NND!

F.A.Qs about white karaoke:

1. Can I request the music? I’m sorry to say that, “no, you can’t”.

2.Can I contribute or upload my song/playing instrument/VOCALOID song with this mp3? If it is allowed. You can contribute the song to NND/YouTube. You can “allow downloading” it ( NND/YouTube only). Other contribution should be allowed from website.

3.Can I use it for second/Nth derivative work? You should follow the rule of web service that you’ll upload.

4. Can I change the key? Can I shorten the length of track? Can I remix the track? Yes, you can. ;D

5. Can I use it in the commercial works? Can I use it in the non-commercial onerous works ( coterie works ) ? No, you can’t. We S-TRIBE don’t allow those onerous using basically. Really need to use? Please email S-TRIBE in correct Japanese.

6.Can I use other web service / place / events? It is depend on each music’s license.Ask questions to the owner where you want to do that.


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