There is no food service for vegetarian.Is it Social welfare?

The teacher told me the cost. When user decide to have a lunch via house-keeping service, it costs about 2500-3000 yen. The “bento” of home delivery service costs 800-900 yen. Is it sounds good? I can’t hear that. I have two reasons. One, The nursing insurance aims to support user’s self -reliance. “House keeping” doesn’t mean that the helper cooks everything user want. If user can use knife and can’t use skillet, the helper takes only “skillet” part. And helps user’s independent life. I can imagine easily how “home delivery lunch” spoils user’s independence. Two, those house delivery services are commercial company corporation. They never supply “no / low benefits” service. What is this mean? When I can’t cook, I should die in hunger. I’m a vegetarian. There is no food service for vegan vegetarian. Even for Lacto Vegetarian or Pesco Vegetarian.


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