Why should I build the house?

In August, 2011 Kirimisakana lives in her grandmother’s apartment The building is very old, built at 20th century(70’s). Window frame is silvered wood and easy to through winds. When winter comes, the rooms’ temperature become cold as outer air, literally. The apartment is so aged that it costs only ten thousand yen at month. So, Kirimisakana thanks to her gran’ma, Yoshino and live there without serious complain. Until grandmother becomes dementia ( cognitive impairment ).

The dementia came out accidentally. The obsession, “my money is stolen by you!” assaults Yoshino’s daughter, son and me, granddaughter. That behavior is popular. Family member was shocked but not worried about it. They doesn’t too shocked to react.

The first reaction about “how take care of Yoshino” is finished, as fast as they can. The next reaction is this.

“Kirimisakana, you should build your house.”

“Where to build? I have no idea about it.”

“Well, our yard has enough room. How do you think?”

“It’s nice.”

This conversation is shorter than real one. The “yard” was already suggested in casual conversation, “if you couldn’t find any land for your house, you might use the yard.” or so.

The situation becomes tight. And I reach out the chance, put all of my coins.


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