How much money I have?

How much does it costs to build a house in Oita, Japan? The commercial paper comes mainly in weekend newspaper. “Please come and watch our model house!” “Best price! 17,680,000yen!3Living room and dining kitchen + closet room!”

In average, those houses have 5-6 rooms and kitchen, dinning and bathroom. Those buildings are for family or couple. Woman and man (never means same-sex marriage) married and planned to two or more children in future.

I, Kirimisakana am one person, 39 years old and divorced. Living with two cats, Xing and Ikaruga only. Working at the National Health Insurance Association within limited contract. The contract limit is three years. The end is September, 30 2012.

The association paid 142,296 yen monthly. This is very low, among popular salaried employee. I cut money cost in many genre. Preparing for “build my house” 100,000 yen monthly. Invest the money to foreign investment. It rewarded by 50,000 – 60,000 yen monthly.

Now, I have about 5000,000 yen as security, 2600,000 yen as fixed deposit in bank, and 800,000 yen as savings.

Do you think it’s enough for building average house “19,450,000 yen, three living room and dining kitchen” ?

No,I don’t think so. The “average” house is out of my needs.


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