What is my needs?

The needs is ranked by priority. The first priority is “for cats”.

In this country, living with pets in rental room costs very high. It is higher than building house. The choice is limited and more expensive than same rooms (no pets) . When we leave the rental room in Japan, we should pay certain charge to recover “damage” of living. That charge is fearful high, about 2 – 3 months’ house rent. The owner of the house never wont to get back them.

The choice of rental rooms increased its number in the decade. Though, those are limited in city area. In many case, cats are omitted from “allowed animals list”. I should build my house. Where my cats and I can live together.


The second priority is “uniqueness”.

If you hear about my life style, you think it is non-Japanese style. You may think “It is unique in my culture, completely logical.” I am vegetarian with economical and healthy reasons. I don’t purchase the cooked meal. The meat is rare food on my dish. How often? Twice or three time per year. “Cheap meat doesn’t compare to Japanese real beef. When I want to eat a red meat, I choose ‘Bungo black Japanese cow’ . It costs over 1000 yen at one piece. But it has proper value.” The fried meal is rare, too. I rarely go to the restaurant, or take out a kind of fast food. Being OTAKU long time, needs to keep healthy body. “If I got the metabolic syndrome, how can I enjoy anime/game/manga/novel/music/videos? I want to pay proper money to favorite creators, not to needless medical care.“ Low fat, low calorie and good physical exercise makes me good condition. To keep up by self cooking, I need the refrigerator ( over 200L ), electric oven, home bread maker, toaster, espresso machine, handy mixer, gas torch (for cooking), two skillets and other cooking materials. The kitchen is smaller than I want for fun cooking time.

On the other hands, the big bathroom is needless to me. Many Japanese enjoy bath-time every day. They love deep and wide bathtub. According to they believe, the big room to wash or take shower is necessary. I have little taste on bath time. One person, not 4 – 5 family needs the “unit bath”. It’s enough.

What does “average” house maker’s model fits to this style? The house maker will hire the architect to design my house. The maker will get margins. I have no money for margins. More directly, I want talk with the architect.


The third priority is “privacy”.

The apartment house now I live is 2 room, 1 kitchen, toilet and bath. One room faces north. Over window, the little parking space and narrow road. The little parking space is used by my mother’s brother. The libertine, over 50 aged man, is whom I hate to admit “my uncle.”

The reason of hesitation are many things. The first thing is that he prodigal from his aunt’s income from real estate to his “hobby and business”. For the “business”, he built two prefabricated house on his mother’s yard. For “business”, he hold two rooms of his mother’s apartment house, without paying money. For “business” he hold one storage space, too. The “business” is called “grind any kind of small machine“. He said “hobby” is “knife making”. How much income has came from it? He have never paid money to his mother ( = my grandmother).

The high, sharp noise of grinding metal shrieks from prefabricated house, in front of my south room. The annoyingly loud sound of compressor howls. The air spouts hysteric and nosily. Weekdays, Saturday or Sunday, thing goes like this, noisy.

The person who can make no sense to keeping things tidy and in order, bought anything he wont and put it where he thought “space”. Puts the “limb of wood”, “antlers”, “metal parts ( with no treatment against stain )”, and big sucks of something in front of my windows. Of course, the sunlight is narrowed.


Every priorities are important. Though, I decided to search local architects from second priority. The newspaper’s Sunday edition issues local architects group, called “Let’s build net ( Tate you netto ) ”. This is the start of meeting with three architects.


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