How “Let’s build net” works?

Before describe about “Let’s build net”, I should introduce how the housing maker corporation work in Japan. The housing maker is a kind of management studio. They have many connection to architects, blacksmiths, wood traders, interior materials, exterior designers and every kind of material / service needed in housing.

The housing maker ( company) arrange other corporations in order. As the manager of cost and schedule, and get profit margin. They can rise or cut “cost” as they want. Who should agree the “cut” cost? Not the housing maker. The smaller company or individual business owner should agree. The customer didn’t know what was happening behind “not expensive” price. Those “unwilling” agreement causes low motive. Of course, lower the product’s quality. Can my house be allowed to built in low quality? No. I want not expensive, but proper quality house with its cost.


“Let’s build net” is the network of architects, material makers and small building-corporations. They paid money to the advertising firm. The advertising firm makes the housing guide magazine book. They write essay in weekly magazine book that I read.

When the customer think “I need to search an architect. However, who will fits to my dreaming house?”, knock the door of the Let’s build net. The advertising firm provides their briefing room for meeting. First of all, the interviewer and customer has talk-session about estimate and housing. To make needs clear, customer should answer the questionnaire.

The companies paid several money to the firm. It is reasonable cost. Not the intermediary exploitation of housing maker. I like it.


After first talking session, they offered me to meet three architects.


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