First architect: Going “my style” man

The first architect is known veteran. Long carrier, many examples, much experience. It’s okay. I asked him to make the small house “with my two cats”. The let’s build net arranged first meeting a week after that. I should wonder about such a short time could be.

The architect, gray hear old man spoke very strongly, full of energy style. It might be fanatic.

The one point we can share is “the cat keeper”. I feed, take care and play with my cats in house, completely. He (mainly his wife) feed 5-6 cats in house and let them go outdoor anytime anyway. “Take no other care?” I wondered, but didn’t asked. If the answer was “yes”, he would do same mistake in his job. Something in my mind alerted. “Over-confident person makes mistake. Be careful, and check his style. Can he understand ‘my life style’?”


I talked him how I’m living in the apartment. Show him my comic-style presentation. “I need no garden, no big windows. I want the cozy little shelter.” He said, “Yes, yes, I try as hard as I can. I’ll show test plan.” The next 20 or 30 seconds, he wrote draft sketch of house. The big windows are still there. The doorway for cats are settled on the “outer” door. I said again, “I take care of my cats not to go outdoor.” He said, “yes, yes, I KNOW that, just forgotten about it!” And re-wrote again, but not cared about how cats live in the room.


I murmured to myself. “He is very fast in sketching. The only good sketch he can draw is, his knowledge and experienced life style. This person never imagines that in this planet, there is some kind of my life-style.”


I asked and checked his style with several questioning. The time is out, though I should not to decide so quickly. If this architect wasn’t the worst one, I would have a choice. I quit the meeting with friendly atmosphere and say good-bye smiling. “Kirimisakana, be calm, maintain your view with becoming humility. Think deeply.” I was repeating on the way to home.


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