Second architect: Knowing kitty life man

He is not so young, middle aged man. And the best recommend architect of “Let’s build net” to me. “He has a cat and taking good care of. I’m sure that you like him.” They said to me, though I was doubtful. Even if he knows how to take care of cats in house, it doesn’t mean that he is good architect. “Remind the priority”, I told to myself.

At first meeting, he asked many questions to me. How many cells do you want? How about bathroom size? How about kitchen, electric heater or propane gas? Which do you like, big window or small, narrow window? What do you think about “privacy”? Those questioning ware vary and detailed.


I made “number and size list of my properties” with Calc, and put the sheet in USB memory. I gave it him watching how he react to. Would he show any hesitant? He says cheerfully, “Thank you! It is very helpful to architects. It ease my planning work. I’ll make more detailed plan in couple weeks. Thank you!”


Two weeks later, the plan sketch is fantastic. Two story little house. The architect shows it with a miniature. It is very impressive. If I wouldn’t contract with him, this work should be garbage. “This is really the passion. He must be the good worker.” I thought. Then, I doubt about cost. Two story house must be expensive, even if it is little, costs over 10 millions yen. I asked about that. He answered that he will use cheap, but robust materials. There are several catalogs in the conference room, and I learned about it. The “Galvalume”; aluminum‐zinc alloy‐coated steel sheet is most recommend. Not expensive but strong material. “It is easy to maintenance.” He assured. “The material has special quality. Other steel sheet will be rusted by oxygen. The galvalume will be stronger, from the chemical reaction between zinc and oxygen makes film before steel rusts. There are many good looking houses.” In the pictures, the cubic, or decorative houses are very suitable for me.

House Y2C first idea 1
 House Y2C first image 2
House Y2C first Image 3


I’ve almost decided but not to hurry. Never hurry in the big decision, I told to me.

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