Second architect: Knowing kitty life man

When I asked “Let’s build net” to give him a planning, he  wrote this blog post.

He wrote;

Yes! It comes! Yeeeees! As one of cats’ owner, I’ll show my best of best. I’ll cram all ideas of ‘living with cats’ into the planning. Maybe the idea is my dream. I almost agree the asking in my favor rather than a work.

It is the low-cost housing, as ordinary. Though, from interview with client, she understood differences between idea and real. I was asked the low-cost, depends on the difference, so am feeling the possibilities. The worst request in low-cost housing, “Please restrain cost, anything it could!” The proper request to the necessity is good. I think the proper expectation makes proper housing.

Some architects say that we shouldn’t design low-cost house. The reason is those restraint makes “unhealthy” house designing. It causes the cut of necessary materials, technical costs and checking cost. I agree this point, completely.

In the other hand, how rich are they, people in OITA prefecture? Only gains 4,000,000 yen annual in average. The population has been decreasing. If we spread the possibilities of  low-cost properly, it will be the hope for many people, seed of works.

The low-cost is difficult. Then, I should challenge it. It is valuable.

Of course, the more funds eases the architest’s designing. Honestly to say, I feel happy. But I wouldn’t ignore the designing for economical reasons. There is a possibility, I would try it.

The one point not to mistake is, “low-cost doesn’t mean money saving”. The low-cost is low-cost, not more or less. It means “just proper price”.

“The house for live with cats” may be one of the single-life-style? I would challenge it will be better home for client.

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