“Gear of Destiny”, Happy birthday, MIKU!

From SOSOSO P’s tweets:

Five years ware long enough to think many things. I got to know one young mother and her son. First time we talked about boy’s crying in midnight. Recent days, I talked with him ( her son ) about the masked rider.

I have mixed feeling. New start, new people and long good-bye. Though, those changes are necessary in our life, whatever it is. Positive or negative, in my heart or circumstance. The indescribable entity “Hatsune Miku” has been changing with her circumstance, along with people’s change. The hope, wish, anything you think about “Hatsune Miku” are different each other. We tend to think “Miku can involve everything we think.” But I think it doesn’t work. The person has transformed “Hatsune Miku” as his/her change. I was worried about how to say this.

There are many “different Miku images”, as many as our number. Not “one big-aggregation of our image”.

I got the answer of my question, and make this song “Gear of Destiny”. Maybe this reminds you some famous tracks. It is what I loved, exactly. I want remind myself what was my incentive of music-making.

In addition, I used various Hatsune Miku voice bank for this track. “Normal”, “Dark”, “Soft” and “Solid” are melted in one “Hatsune Miku”. This experimentation gave her “feeling”.


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