UNICEF declared “don’t speak, write and draw what you have done.”

Yesterday, I knew this news. The guideline “for Industry on Child Online Protection 2014 edition“ said that “CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE MATERIAL(児童性虐待物)video(ビデオ), drawings(図画), cartoons(漫画),text(文字)”. To survivor from sexual abuse, as I am, it means the censorship. I remember that ECPAT (anti pornography activists, and known as radical-false-feminists) and other censorship activists wrote about “changing the definition of child pornography” while people petitioned the campaign that change the name “child pornography” to “child sexual abuse material(CAM)as International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) defined enthusiastically. The word defined the term based on real crimes strictly. Anti-censorship activists, parents, otaku and survivors petitioned. They want to help real children and can’t allow to using money for censorship. UNICEF is going to distort the meaning of CAM.

I am shocked, feel damage as if my kidney is pierced. You can say, “This is just for industry. Don’t worry about personal freedom of expression.” Though, Japan is ranked in 59 in The World Press Freedom Index (2014). Ranked in 105 in The Global Gender Gap Report(2013). Criminal justice system of Japan is criticized “medieval” in the Committee against Torture. People are tend to criticize the victim, not the assailant. I can’t be so positive.

I have been appealed that those censorship would depress survivor ‘s evidence. When I can’t say, write and draw what I have done, who can listen, read and see what is going in someone’s home?

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