English version:Lyricist note of “The sea of debris”

Japanese version is here. I got the permission of translating from author.

This is the 5th collaboration with mak.kanz@wa & nocchi1031(a.k.a. Palette-P).

nocchi e-mailed to mak.kanz@wa at Feb 17. It was mak.kanz@wa’s birthday. mak.kanz@wa was very glad to asked writing lyrics for Palette-P. It was a chance and neat birthday present for mak.kanz@wa.

He felt the energy of music beat running, and heart-shaking melody like a stinging injury. At the moment he decided that he should write the theme on this music. The theme had been in his mind for ceveral months.

To refuse to accept disaster waste ( of East Japan earthquake, not of the nuclear plant).

The lyricist’s roots is in Miyagi, East Japan. He reminds memories of disaster. Houses near the coastline losts everything except for basement. Few survived houses are destroyed horribly by tsunami. It was Februly, 2012 after the earthquake. Nothing recovered.



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