English version:Lyricist note of “The sea of debris”

First lines came from this landscape which he knew. The real of East Japan, that was nothing ends up by recovery even about one year after. When he faced this he faced the problem “refusing to accept disaster waste”. It came with entangled feelings. The place where he lives announced accept of disaster waste very eary. Other local governments citizens (some of them are suspected to be citizens) take exception to acceptance.

Though, the disaster waste ware NOT nuclear polluted. He was angly and irritated.

“The debris are too many to clear. Please, help us. Give your hand to recover our country JAPAN.”

Why doesn’t they(people denying the acceptance) understand that? This is clear problem. We all should do is help each other to solve it. Though, people are denying everything, checking the result of research. As if they wouldn’t check the nuclear pollution map. They claimes that All east Japan as the destroyed land. TV cammera reports the narrow-minded people again and again.



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