The third architect: Small house designer

I met the last architect who was recommended from his works. The agent said that he had designed very small houses. He had technical naps and how to make low cost house. Can you imagine “very small house” mean in Japan?

It is really small, under 15 square meter. All rooms should be contained in the size. Ordinary small house is two or three stories. That occurs contradiction. Under 15 square meter but two or more storied house, it costs more than a one‐storied house. The smaller house is not cheaper than the bigger. To build such a house needs more technique and experience. Cost of materials is cheaper but cost of builders may be higher than “big house”. For example, the house-maker build the big house in wide flat field needs no additional treatment. Go and build. On the other hand, they build the small house in the narrow space between house and house, it needs special technique and intention. First, they should work in narrow space. Second, never broke neighbors’ houses. Third, need to search the carpool for workers. ( The flat field for housing has carpool for builders, normally. )


The third architect has a good sense for his job. We got perfect interview and I gave him my “equipments” list. I made the list of furniture size. Tables, shelves, boxes, and other things.


Two weeks later, the architect made good enough house plan. The plan was one storied house. Good for my furniture size. It was very stern. Not so bad to exchange furniture places from apartment, but no space for new things. No space to do anything wilder than Wii fitness. In addition, he planned the doorway with curtain. The cat-owner would knew that how cats love to tear curtain. I asked him about changing curtain to other doorway, like a sliding door. “No, no, there are tight rooms to live. It would be difficult to change.” He answered. What an effective communication skill! I got disillusioned and calculate how much emotional costs would be. The conversation with him would go like this? I asked an amateur question, he said “No” first and listed the reasons ( or list “how idiot you are” ). If he has nap about architecture, I saw that the communication skill hasn’t. The house planning took time. Three months? That is the shortest time. It would be six or more months to decide details. “Can I stand him such a long time?” I asked myself. “No” is the first word I hit upon.


I made up my mind.


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