我が家のPVができました ”House Y2C”

建てようネット大分 に相談し、
伊藤健吾建築設計事務所 で設計していただき、
株式会社羽野住建 が施工した

猫2匹と人間一人の家、House Y2CのPVが完成しました!

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2013/02/17 字幕事項追記





キャラクター絵やMMDがついた動画 『以外』 に、自分の曲を使用されるのはまかりならん!




使用楽曲:候補数点より、mash01さん【初音ミク】 ネコとニワトリと歌 (オリジナル曲)に決定。mp3もピアプロにあるので、それを利用予定。







  • 歌詞表示なし
  • タイトル『Project “House Y2C”』を入れる。
  • 以下の3業者名を入れる。
  • でも、お家に対する想いや建築家からのメッセージは?→動画が字幕なしでできた状態を見てから検討。


The contract with architect

The architect I contracted was honest. He explained about how “housing cost” is calculated in Japan. Big house-maker takes margin. The house-maker gave smaller makers their works. I read it in magazines. Though, I hadn’t realize it until then. The architect explained about for his share. The total cost of housing didn’t include the cost of design, supervising, and other consultation. It was the biggest difference between the house-maker and the architect. Big house-maker shows “hole cost of housing” included design fee.


I agreed.


Competition; the my style man between the kitty life man

I decided the third architect “small house designer” is out. From his brilliant works and communication skills. He could design big rich hotels. The person who could line smart building with ample funds, how seriously line my little house with poor funds? Then, compare two architects. Going my style man or knowing kitty life man? I asked them to draw next plan.


Second architect: Knowing kitty life man

He is not so young, middle aged man. And the best recommend architect of “Let’s build net” to me. “He has a cat and taking good care of. I’m sure that you like him.” They said to me, though I was doubtful. Even if he knows how to take care of cats in house, it doesn’t mean that he is good architect. “Remind the priority”, I told to myself.


First architect: Going “my style” man

The first architect is known veteran. Long carrier, many examples, much experience. It’s okay. I asked him to make the small house “with my two cats”. The let’s build net arranged first meeting a week after that. I should wonder about such a short time could be.

The architect, gray hear old man spoke very strongly, full of energy style. It might be fanatic.


How “Let’s build net” works?

Before describe about “Let’s build net”, I should introduce how the housing maker corporation work in Japan. The housing maker is a kind of management studio. They have many connection to architects, blacksmiths, wood traders, interior materials, exterior designers and every kind of material / service needed in housing.


What is my needs?

The needs is ranked by priority. The first priority is “for cats”.

In this country, living with pets in rental room costs very high. It is higher than building house. The choice is limited and more expensive than same rooms (no pets) . When we leave the rental room in Japan, we should pay certain charge to recover “damage” of living. That charge is fearful high, about 2 – 3 months’ house rent. The owner of the house never wont to get back them.


How much money I have?

How much does it costs to build a house in Oita, Japan? The commercial paper comes mainly in weekend newspaper. “Please come and watch our model house!” “Best price! 17,680,000yen!3Living room and dining kitchen + closet room!”

In average, those houses have 5-6 rooms and kitchen, dinning and bathroom. Those buildings are for family or couple. Woman and man (never means same-sex marriage) married and planned to two or more children in future.

I, Kirimisakana am one person, 39 years old and divorced. Living with two cats, Xing and Ikaruga only. Working at the National Health Insurance Association within limited contract. The contract limit is three years. The end is September, 30 2012.

The association paid 142,296 yen monthly. This is very low, among popular salaried employee. I cut money cost in many genre. Preparing for “build my house” 100,000 yen monthly. Invest the money to foreign investment. It rewarded by 50,000 – 60,000 yen monthly.

Now, I have about 5000,000 yen as security, 2600,000 yen as fixed deposit in bank, and 800,000 yen as savings.

Do you think it’s enough for building average house “19,450,000 yen, three living room and dining kitchen” ?

No,I don’t think so. The “average” house is out of my needs.