Competition; the my style man between the kitty life man

I decided the third architect “small house designer” is out. From his brilliant works and communication skills. He could design big rich hotels. The person who could line smart building with ample funds, how seriously line my little house with poor funds? Then, compare two architects. Going my style man or knowing kitty life man? I asked them to draw next plan.

Going my style man got faster. The plan he draw completely ignored my demands. The cozy house with “garden” and no intention for cats. The house appearance like a Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style. The famous architect he loves. But not my sense. “He has his style and want to make his favourites, not my house.” I felt and smile. When Japanese woman smiles, the smile has two opposite meaning. One is real smile. Other is real hatred / anger needs to cover. I smiled with later meaning, to help myself not to shout. “I’ve told you that I need NO garden! I’ve told it more than 7 times!”


He took more mistakes. About kitchen system, he said very easily. “Okay, I will order the special size for this plan. Don’t worry, I knew good iron-craft smith.” Those special order costs twice than ready-made. He said too easy to believe. I was suspicious about it. “The iron-craft smith may cry how poor payments. The architect will force him or her to make it with long-time connection.” I asked indirectly about it, and got certain answer. That was second mistake he made. I like the fair trade, not exploitation. The new kitchen washed by craftsmen’s tear will be guilty cooking place. I might feel guiltier than eating meat.


The next week, the kitty life man and I held meeting at “Let’s build net” office. He brought a miniature and new version drawing. The two storied house with more intentions for cats and my lifestyle. It had red colored comments about cat’s care and how the life in the house would be. The comments are answer for my question at former meeting. Also, good hints of living. Good, very good for dreaming my new life. I would plant little vegetation. I would open windows and allow cats to run on the veranda. Those ware impossible in the apartment.


I asked about costs in more detail. The two storied house needs more woods than one. What kind of magic spell would he cast? If he couldn’t answer definitely, I would give up housing entirely. He listed from the “Galvalume” to door, how to cut the costs. Floor was covered with the cheap ( but strong, easy cleaning ) tiles. The walls of room had no wallpaper or cloth. The bare plywood board. Of course, the plywood must be the cheapest quality. Then I realized that I was no longer questioning. I was asked questions from the architect. Which place did you like to sleep? Upper floor or ground floor? Where was cat’s toilet now in the apartment? Could you ignore the smell of cat’s legacy? Didn’t you want Bathroom window? Okay, how about to windows faced west?


It was fruitful interview. I decided him to be my house architect.


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