The contract with architect

The architect I contracted was honest. He explained about how “housing cost” is calculated in Japan. Big house-maker takes margin. The house-maker gave smaller makers their works. I read it in magazines. Though, I hadn’t realize it until then. The architect explained about for his share. The total cost of housing didn’t include the cost of design, supervising, and other consultation. It was the biggest difference between the house-maker and the architect. Big house-maker shows “hole cost of housing” included design fee.


I agreed.

The planning fee, 50,000 yen. The miniature and sketches cost. The whole design cost was 840,000 yen. We agreed to payment in installments. First payment was the contract, 52,500 yen. Second was the final design completed, 535,000 yen. Final was the all supervising work finished, 252,000 yen. In the written contract, the architect gave the notation about fee.


“The structural design costs about 20% of total fee. The normal wooden house wouldn’t need this. The parts design costs about 10% of total fee. If the house are on special conditions, it costs. The subsurface exploration cost depends on the conditions. Other fees for some application, depends on the conditions.”


I read the written contract twice. Asked questions to the architect. I signed and stamped my family-name seal.

This is the first chapter of my housing.

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  1. I’m happy for you! I’m really glad that it worked out, and I hope that your new home will be great! 🙂


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