The crack from each ends of bridge

What had happen here?


5 people in this story. First is Mr. M as VOCALOID P, has no connection to any kind of translators. Also had not joined VOCALOID community SNS. Second is Mr. X, amateur translator respected in Chinese language area. Third, Mr. Y, a.k.a amateur YouTube creator. Forth, Mr. Z another amateur translator in Taiwan, not good at Japanese communication. And last is me, Kirimisakana.


first act: Kirimisakana watched the YouTube video. It described that “has the approval of translation”. I wondered, more to say, was suspicious about it. So, I send twitter mention to original author, Mr. M “This video announced that they got your approval of translation, Japanese to Chinese. Is that true?” Mr. M RTed & replied, “No, I didn’t allow.”


second act: Kirimisakana posted blog in SNS. Asked for more information about it. And firmly ignored to “act without certain evidence”. The reasons are two. One, Mr. M has no direct connection with me. Is he valuable to believe? With no harm, he just forget about something important. Two, I’m a translator, the bridge between two cultures. I should restrict rashly action.


third act: Mr. X, the translator who respected in Japan and other countries gave me the information. He gave me one good explain. It was screen-shot, the evidence. The evidence of approval. In the picture, Mr. M gave Mr. Z his approval, translation Japanese to Chinese and uploading video. From the e-mail Mr. Z send, he is not good at Japanese communication. To say more directly, the knowledge might be in his brain, but it’s trapped there.


forth act: I’ve read about like this situation. Though, never thought it would happen to me. It’s caused by perfect combination of lapse of memory, ill-mannered behavior and highly political miss-spelling. I’ll talk about details later. According to the e-mail, Mr. M couldn’t remind/didn’t understand what he did. I send mention to him, “Didn’t you allow it( approval ) to Taiwan fans?”


fifth act: Mr. X and I exchanged direct messages. In the message, several things ware turned out. The unknown YouTube creator is NOT Mr. Z ( translator ). It was Mr. Y, an amateur YouTube creator. This explain why his YouTube ID was unfamiliar to Mr. M and me. And Mr. Z didn7t report anything to Mr. M Poor Mr. M! He hadn’t known about what/how his work was treated. It is natural for him that he deny about approval. Mr. X promised that he set Mr. Z right in his manner. Make Mr. Z apologize to Mr. M


sixth act:Mr. M didn’t reply to me. So, nobody knows what has happen exactly on Twitter. The followers of Mr. M know is “Mr. M’s work was ill-treated by Chinese” only. Mr. M wasn’t member of SNS, so I have no hint of Mr. Z apologizing. That all I know.




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