【S-TRIBE】White karaoke on NND!

For English listener/creator, here is the draft translation.

NND Zero user is allowed to DL/use in NND, under JASRAC hole-license. JASRAC and NND has agreed on “copying music by one’s ear”. SOSOSO P tried it. We, S-TRIBE is now testing new using of NND.The points of “White karaoke” are below.

1.The “ホワイトカラオケ( white karaoke )” is NOT illegal download.You can DL the mp4, change its format to mp3, and enjoy on your PC, player or smart phone.

2.After you enjoyed and sing some song with the white karaoke, you can contribute “歌ってみた” on NND/YouTube. It’s all allowed in the agreement between NND/YouTube and JASRAC.

3.Let’s not reprint on other movie sites. Those reprinting is not allowed by copyright law and NND/YouTube-JASRAC license.

New copyright act defined the illegal download and too tighten up “what to do/not to do” to be creative. This “white karaoke” is suggestion from a creator. Please enjoy and use these karaoke mp3! Be more creative! Enjoy music, enjoy life!ヽ(>▽<)ノ

Have more questions? Please check our website. S-TRIBE http://s-tribe.net/karaoke/

The FAQ is Japanese version only right now. Have any question? First, read and understand the Copyright Act (http://eiyaku.hounavi.jp/taiyaku/s45a04802.php ). Second, menthion me on twitter. @Kirimisakana)


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